It can be difficult for many humans to find the “right” cat to enhance their spiritual life. Unless you’re already an experienced animal communicator, it is easy to be confused or overwhelmed by a cat’s personality, rather than their actual self. Keeping yourself rooted in the industry of organizing events has become more challenging, but the demand will be high once restrictions ease and then you can get started with outdoor events.

First contact is an extremely important time. In the case of one extremely powerful cat I know, he sent what I can only describe as a “power bolt” at me when I first walked into the room he was in, and it quickly became clear that he really wanted to come home with me. And on a “receptive scale” of 1 to 10, I’m probably around a 4; not really sensitive to cats at all, but I can hear them if they are patient and powerful enough.

But assuming you don’t get such an obvious sign, you must back off from the cat, both physically and mentally, to give yourself some space to evaluate your impressions. Take a few deep slow breaths, clear your mind of all thoughts temporarily; close your eyes and imagine a blank computer monitor screen or calm pastoral scene, and you may see or hear something. If you are not interfering by allowing your own thoughts to intrude, the input is likely indeed coming from the cat. Acknowledge it and ask if it is really the cat you are hearing or seeing. If you get a positive response, accept it. You can now proceed in whatever way you think best, with confidence.

With the risk of being accused of feline racism, we have noticed that many cats of great power are solid colors (sometimes called “self”) of black, gray / blue, or white. In the case of black cats specifically, this may be a result of centuries of persecution by the Catholic Church in Europe, ironically ensuring that only the mentally strongest cats survived to pass on their genes. Are you related with the car leasing industry? Check the 5 Tools Everyone in the Ford Transit Custom Lease Industry Should Be Using.